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About us

Alliances and agreements

We understand each collaboration as an extension of our team

We believe that unity is strength. For us, alliances are especially important, since in addition to involving continuous learning and business growth, they allow us to spread our knowledge and experience beyond our borders. The evolution and international expansion of La Línea Vertical is closely linked to them, thanks to them, today we are what we are.

Joint Venture Watad Group Enterprises – Qatar

In 2021 we carry out the creation of a joint venture with Watad Group Enterprises, that will provide in the Arabian Gulf services of work at height and difficult access through the application of the most advanced techniques in positioning by rope.

Both companies have created a company in Qatar, called La Línea Vertical Petroleum Services, 51% owned by Watad Group Enterprises and 49% owned byLA LÍNEA VERTICAL. La Línea Vertical Petroleum Services will operate, above all, in sectors such as engineering and infrastructure, mainly in the Qatari country.

In this alliance we combine ourleadership and international growth, con el profundo conocimiento de Watad Group Enterprises, as a local partner, of the Arabian Gulf industry, especially of Natural Gas, a market with enormous potential.

For us not only means to enter in the Qatari and Arabian Gulf market, but also our positioning as a leading company in work at height, contributing this way to the successful international expansion that we have experienced in the last years.

Joint Venture Bureau Veritas Industrial – Germany

In January 2022, the union between La Línea Vertical and Bureau Veritas Industrial Germany will be carried out, to create the Joint Venture LLV BV NDT Services, which will provide the most complete range of traditional and advanced non-destructive testing services in the Ruhr basin (North Rhine-Westphalia) in Germany.

This important union brings together the capabilities of one of the most experienced and capable companies in the world in the inspection and study of the integrity of industrial plants, Bureau Veritas, with our ability to access any location. The objective of this alliance is reliability, rapid response and enormous cost savings for our customers in the petrochemical and refining sectors in the most industrial and powerful area in all of Europe, the Ruhr region in Central Germany.

University of Cadiz

Since 2005, La Línea Vertical has collaborated with the University of Cádiz, specifically with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering of the Higher Technical School of Algeciras. This collaboration has been based on teaching classes, seminars and courses, by the professionals of La Línea Vertical.

We currently teach classes in the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technologies, Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Master’s in Occupational Risk Prevention, at the Algeciras School of Engineering.

In addition, thanks to this cooperation, scientific articles have been published and we constantly receive interns in our company.

In these years, dozens of final-year students have passed through La Línea Vertical to carry out business internships and final year projects, thus giving them the opportunity to obtain applied training and actively collaborating in the job placement of recent graduates. Almost all of the engineers that make up our staff have previously carried out internships with us, as a result of said agreement.


At La Línea Vertical we have a prestigious approved training center, Formal. Through Formal, we have carried out an innovative and powerful training project, together with Indra and FID. A strategic alliance, where 3 large companies join forces and contribute their experience and professionalism in the wind and teaching sector, to offer unique and differentiating training. We offer students added value, our strengths, which together make up this joint project.

In our training project we are approved to teach different Global Wind Oganization (GWO) y del Naval Sector (Navantia y Maritime Captaincy).

Thanks to this union we offer specialization in height and vertical work, qualified technical personnel for training, innovative facilities set in the wind and maritime sector and 25 years of experience in the aeronautical sector, with extensive knowledge of it.

Origin and expansion

Our company enjoys great recognition in the business world, being a benchmark in the sector, not only for the technical qualification of our team but also for our development model, which has led to a rapid and sustained expansion of the business in recent years, making us worthy of the international trust of many companies.

Origin and expansion


Involvement is another of the key assets at La Línea Vertical. Betting on grassroots sport in climbing and other extreme sports or those considered risky, we align ourselves with values such as self-improvement, teamwork; values with which we connect outside the business sphere, while giving back to society part of what it gives us.



At La Línea vertical we strive to be more sustainable every day, carrying out internal recycling measures and processes and following a manual of good environmental practices. At the same time, we are committed to an ecological transition, being self-sufficient and generating our own energy.