Back to business figures before the pandemic, the great objective of LA LÍNEA VERTICAL for 2022

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL faces 2022 with the desire to meet the many objectives that we have set for the new year. Among them, we want to recover the level of activity and turnover prior to the pandemic. Thus return to the business figures of 2018 and 2019. This is the big challenge.

Our commitment to leadership and excellence means that, nationally, we expect a recovery of activity in CEPSA and to increase services in the petrochemical complex of Tarragona, the great reference in southern Europe, and to become it in key point of our activity.

Likewise, we aspire to increase our presence in rescue of large works of dismantling of plants, especially thermal.

At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL we use the most advanced rope positioning techniques and an outstanding team of professionals to offer our customers the greatest safety, the best result, and maximum savings.

Volver a las cifras de negocio antes de la pandemia, el gran objetivo de LA LÍNEA VERTICAL para 2022

Continue as international referents

We also want to continue to be international benchmarks in security. We will establish ourselves in central Europe, both in Germany and Austria, where we will continue growing hand in hand with our current customers.  Since 2019 we work in the main refineries in Central Europe, allowing our customers significant savings in time and costs.

We will strengthen our joint venture with Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification. We even intend to export it to other customers in Germany and other Central European countries.

And we are very excited because we are going to do some first work in Romania, in Petrobrazi (Ploesti), a country that has also been among our targets since more than three years ago.

Beyond Europe, even Chile and Peru, where we are already a benchmark company, the big goal is, without any doubt, to start strong in Qatar and to get a first project in 2022.

Volver a las cifras de negocio antes de la pandemia, el gran objetivo de LA LÍNEA VERTICAL para 2022

The best workforce and the most motivated workers

The prestige and value of LA LÍNEA VERTICAL lie in the high training of its workers. Motivated workers, with talents to develop very complex tasks in extreme situations and very efficiently.

That is why we want to professionalize our workforce even more, with investments in specialized training: ultrasound inspectors and improvement of levels in vertical work to have more level 2 technicians and level 3 supervisors.

We are a leading company that applies the safest rope access techniques in the industry. Because our great team has never settled. From our training and research center for risks at height, FORMAL, we will continue to provide the best specialized training on safety at height and rescue in southern Spain.

Undoubtedly, we will continue with the growth achieved in Training in 2021, and we intend to establish ourselves as the most reliable partner in the wind turbine sector.