LA LÍNEA VERTICAL collaborates in an inclusive caving project with Espeleosocorro sin Fronteras

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL is collaborating in an inclusive caving project launched by the Andalusian vertical rope rescue competition team, Espeleosocorro Sin Fronteras, of which we are sponsors. This is the Espeleología con Alma project, which has received the Espeleo 2024 Award, one of the most important awards given annually in the world of caving.

Espeleología con Alma came into being in January 2023 with the initial aim of helping Alma, a teenager from Granada with motor difficulties, to fulfil her dream of becoming a speleologist. From a very young age, Alma had listened enthusiastically to the stories her mother told her when she went on caving expeditions and she longed to one day be able to do the same. At first, they thought it would not be possible due to her mobility problems, but thanks to Speleosocorro Sin Fronteras, she has achieved it. After months of work, Alma has already descended to -130 metres in the Sima de Villaluenga and has climbed down canyons and ravines.

For this, there was a first phase of learning and adaptation of the progression devices, modified to Alma’s needs, to later be able to go on outings to some caves, always accompanied by members of Espeleosocorro Sin Fronteras, her mother (a federated speleologist) and federated members of her club.

The practice of this sport has had a very positive influence on Alma’s health, and she has seen how her mobility has improved and she is much stronger, which has given her more self-confidence. Alma is now happy and very excited.

Based on this very satisfactory experience, Espeleología con Alma has set out to make the dreams of people with functional diversity of being able to go caving come true, so that their physical problems are not an impediment to being able to practise this sport.
LA LÍNEA VERTICAL is proud to be part of this project with which we can contribute to the happiness of many people.