LA LÍNEA VERTICAL continues to collaborate with the Espeleología con Alma project

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL continues to support the inclusive caving project launched by the Andalusian vertical rope rescue competition team, Espeleosocorro Sin Fronteras.
Recently, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has contributed various materials to the team, such as lighting elements, pulleys, blockers and ropes, which are very useful for the expeditions they carry out.

Our company has also contributed to the dissemination of this project by preparing an informative dossier with the aim of reaching as many people as possible and promoting inclusive sports.

The practice of this sport has had a very positive influence on the health of the little girl, who has seen how her mobility has improved and she is much stronger, which has given her more self-confidence. With each expedition, Alma proves that limits are only temporary barriers that will and effort can break down.

After this successful experience, Espeleología con Alma has set out to make the dream of every person with functional diversity who wishes to go caving a reality, so that their physical problems are not an impediment to being able to practice this sport. Thus, among its next objectives is the expansion of the project in order to become a reference for other people who wish to go caving despite their difficulties and break the negative stereotypes that exist in society, especially in the sports field, about functionally diverse people.LA LÍNEA VERTICAL supports this project with the satisfaction of helping many people to achieve their dream.