Courses on “PPE competent person” to create a culture of health and safety at work

As part of a strategic alliance that G8 CAPACITACIONES has with the Chilean Safety Association (ACHS), during the month of May we have conducted numerous courses throughout Chile. The culmination was in the city of Valdivia, where we gave the course “Competent Person in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Inspection“.

The purpose of this course was to raise awareness about the routine and periodic analysis and inspection of the different safety devices we use in our daily tasks. It is not only a matter of visual inspection, but also taking into account the history of the equipment, the detailed analysis according to what each manufacturer indicates in its technical data sheet and the detailed review according to the material (textile, metal or plastic) and the moving parts.

The inspection should look in detail for every mark and every trace that remains on the devices throughout their use, thus determining the operational status of each element, and also leaving a record of each inspection.

Theoretical-practical activity

We must also implement unique analytical criteria to determine the condition of a piece of equipment, always based on the description of each technical data sheet. But we are also based on what is established in the different norms and decrees in which we must be governed in each country.

Filling in the data sheets, carrying out a thorough inspection with a magnifying glass, measuring thicknesses with tools, carrying out load analyses of the equipment, checking its functionality or showing examples of bad practices are all part of the theoretical and practical activities of this course. It is in our hands to create a world of safety where, thanks to a culture of knowledge and continuous training, we can achieve zero accident rates.