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LLV is a company that specialises in work at height and in places that are difficult to access through the use of the most advanced rope positioning techniques.

We are widely known in the business world, not only for our technical qualifications but also for our business model, which has led to the rapid and sustained expansion of our business over the last fifteen years, making us worthy of the trust so many companies place in us on an international scale.

We currently have offices with permanent presence in Spain in Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz), Palos de la Frontera (Huelva), Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and the Canary Islands, as well as in Chile in the capital of Santiago, actively participating in the main sites of the important industries in both countries. At the same time, we are in the middle of an ambitious expansion process with projects principally in Saudi Arabia, Portugal, China, Peru and Morocco.

LLV is member of the following organizations:

  • - International Committee for Industrial Chimneys CICIND, member number 493
  • - Net Suppliers ACHILLES- REPRO, number 302311
  • - Spanish National Rope Access Association ANETVA, member numbers 80 and 150
  • - Spanish Association for NDT, member number 9233
  • - SIKA, homologate in concrete reparation products.
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  • Logotipe of Anetva
  • Logotipe of Ecra
  • Logotipe of Aend
  • Logotipe of Sika
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LLV provides a range of services, particularly inspections and surveying , including NDT inspections,  safety installations at heights, visual inspections with video recording equipment, as well as internal and external inspection of industrial chimneys, flare stacks, large tanks and spheres.

In 2005 LLV became a recognized government certified national training center for advanced rescue, safety and rope access techniques.

LLV is the official FITTER  and supplier company for some of the most prestigious International Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) companies such as Petzl, Capital Safety and Helly-Hansen. Our experts will engineer a custom solution for every situation, even in the hardest circumstances, to ensure the safety of your employees and facilities.

Petzl, Capital Safety, Helly Hansen

We have a long list of satisfied customers with our work:

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  • Logotipe of BP
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  • Logotipe of Acerinox
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La Línea Vertical was founded in 2000 by a group of people from different backgrounds but with mountaineering in common. The aim was to create a company specialised in ‘work at heights’ to fill in a gap in the Spanish market, where the demand for this kind of work was either not fulfilled by any national company, or complicated and costly due to having to resort to foreign companies.

Fifteen years later LLV is a leading company nationally and Internationally, with a staff of more than fourty permanent employees.

The Spanish Young Entrepreneurs Association (AJE) awarded LLV as the company with the best business progression in 2010.

Andalucía Jóvenes Empresarios

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