G8 VERTICAL installs half a hundred vertical and permanent lifelines in a mining company

From G8 Vertical we are proud to show one of our most recent works: the installation of permanent vertical lifelines in an important company in the mining sector.

Specifically, we installed fifty lifelines in ladders, all of them labelled and certified. We chose this system, which delivers the highest performance in terms of strength and durability, given the weather conditions in which they will be exposed.

These are fixed stainless steel lifelines, installed and certified by G8 VERTICAL, according to the technical and quality standards required by the manufacturer, 3M Protecta, a leading company in the field of industrial safety.

Thanks to these standards it is possible to guarantee the effectiveness of this premium product on the market. Its robustness yet simplicity, versatility and ease of use make this fall arrest system a very important safety tool for workers. The 3M™ Protecta® Cabloc vertical cable system offers fall protection while making vertical ladders a functional and practical means of accessing roofs, wind generators, communication towers, confined spaces and other structures in general.