G8 VERTICAL sets up self-retracting lifelines in a beer processing factory

At G8 VERTICAL we work with the most advanced safety systems, and companies rely on our knowledge and experience for their own training formation. This is the case of a Chilean company in which we have successfully performed the installation of the latest Protecta Rebel self-retracting lifelines (SRL) from 3M™.

Concretely, we have installed seven poles with this self-retracting system in a beer processing plant located in the north of the metropolitan region of Chile. In this way, these lifelines will ensure safe access to the different  pomace silos.

The self-retracting system allows workers to climb up and down in a safer way, always keeping their hands and feet tied in. In addition, it also provides protection against
the possibility of falls with a distance below 60 centimeters.

G8 VERTICAL has provided guidance upon the correct use, storage and maintenance of the equipment.

It is worth mentioning that our lifelines are certified and identified with a unique safety seal, which allows us to carry out the following tasks seal. This allows periodic inspections to be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s indications for even more protection.

We are proud to contribute to work safety and offer trustworthy solutions for companies in different sectors.