G8 VERTICAL shows the diversity of jobs that can be tackled with rope positioning techniques

G8 VERTICAL has executed three projects in the last month: support at height for the installation of insulated panels, installation of new signage in a port terminal, and waterproofing of roofs in a corporate building, which are a clear example of the diversity of the jobs we can handle.

In addition, we have continued to execute various lifeline installation projects, which has kept us at a very intense pace to service all customers and meet deadlines on time.

An example of the capacity and breadth of resources that G8 VERTICAL is able to offer our customers with rope positioning techniques, guaranteeing maximum safety and the best investment.

Height support for installation of insulated panels

The first of the three most important projects in May consisted of assistance in the installation of large rock wool sheets on the facades of a warehouse in a pharmaceutical industry.

Our work consisted of assisting the crane maneuvers in the positioning of the plate and then anchoring it to the metal structure with the help of self-drilling bolts.

Using rope access techniques, we run the entire length of the plank, anchoring it to each horizontal coastal beam on both sides of the plank. Only one operator performs the vertical maneuvers, while the other remains on the roof assisting and directing the positioning of the plate.

Installation of new signage at a port terminal

Our task in this second project consisted of removing the old adhesive vinyls and installing the new corporate graphic image in STS crane control booths, located in one of the ports with the highest cargo traffic in Chile.

We executed vertical access techniques to position ourselves in the work area and peel off the vinyl with the old logo using a hot air gun.

Subsequently, we cleaned the entire surface of glue residues with an industrial solvent and after a drying time we finished pasting the new vinyl logo on each of the cranes of the port.

Waterproofing of roofs of a corporate building

The third project consisted of waterproofing the roofs of a corporate building of one of the largest construction companies in Chile. To access the roof it was necessary to use rope access techniques, installing temporary lifelines from which we secured the entire surface to be repaired.

As for the repair itself, sealing was required to prevent leaks in several areas. The first step was to clean the roof surface, sealing existing holes and cracks with Lanco sealant material. In other areas, cans and self-adhesive asphalt membranes were installed, and the sheets were fastened with self-drilling screws at the opening points. Next, we primed the surface with Dynal brand roof repair in the joint areas, holes and cracks. To finish the job, we applied a finishing coat of special Sipa Acrizinc roofing paint.