La Línea Vertical and Bureau Veritas obtain NDT contract at BP Gelsenkirchen refinery (Germany)

The joint venture formed in Germany by La Línea Vertical and Bureau Veritas has been awarded the contract for non-destructive testing services (NDT services) at the BP Gelsenkirchen refinery.

Under the commercial name of LLV BV NDT SERVICES, the business alliance with Bureau Veritas unites the prestige and experience of La Línea Vertical, a specialist company and leader in Spain in vertical work, with the large French multinational, world leader in inspections, certifications, and tests.

The contract of the new company, LLV BV NDT SERVICES, with BP Oil will be extended for three years, until March 2025. From La Línea Vertical we welcome with great enthusiasm this collaborative project with Bureau Veritas, and we also hope to expand collaborations and successes in the coming years.

The fact that a large multinational such as Bureau Veritas has wanted to bet on La Línea Vertical for this project and go in a joint venture, it gives us visibility, credibility, and projection throughout Europe. It also confirms that the value and excellence of La Línea Vertical lies in the high training of its workers and that the advanced techniques in rope positioning that we use allows us to be a benchmark in safety, also international.

Great advantages for the customer

The union of a world leader company in the market in non-destructive testing and inspections, such as Bureau Veritas, with our company, leader in the field of vertical work, will bring the customer great benefits, and so it has understood it.

The goal is to take radiographs and ultrasounds at height, in addition to other special non-destructive testing techniques such as PEC, LRUT, MP, PT, MFL, Phased Array, among others, in which Bureau Veritas is a recognized specialist.

This joint venture between La Línea Vertical and Bureau Veritas saves that way time and money, reducing the number of contractors needed to develop a non-destructive test. For example, using the most advanced techniques in rope positioning, reduces to the maximum the use of scaffolding and, since La Línea Vertical is a company that also performs calorifugado work, the use of calorifugators is reduced.

In summary, the BP’s bet on two leading companies in two different but so complementary sectors can bring savings of more than 20%.

Consolidation in Central Europe

The contract with BP Oil will allow us to create a team in Germany for this project and it will also imply that we have offices and workers dedicated exclusively to this project in Gelsenkirchen. This joint venture places La Línea Vertical at the centre of industry in North Rhine-Westphalia, where Germany’s largest industrial swarm is located. This opens for us a world of new customers.

LLV BV NDT SERVICES, in short, gives us visibility in the international field and it strengthens us as an option, we will not only be pioneers and reference in Spain or South America, but also in Europe, with a great business partner such as Bureau Veritas and with a great project for a large client such as BP Oil.

La Línea Vertical thus continues a sustained international expansion, making us trustworthy of new markets. We are present in Chile and Peru, but in parallel we face the expansion in Germany, as well as in Austria and Romania, a country that has also been among our objectives since more than three years ago we began our Central European expansion.

Qatar, another great international scenario

Our industrial rescue, inspection and non-destructive testing teams have demonstrated great professionalism and a high guarantee of safety that has made it possible for La Línea Vertical to be an international benchmark. We are a company that provides a “Limitless Safety”, as our motto states.

This is the path that has taken us to Qatar, where last year we reached an agreement with Watad Group Enterprises for the creation of a company, called VERTICAL LINE, another joint venture that provides work services in the Persian Gulf at height and difficult to access through the application of the most advanced techniques in rope positioning.

In this alliance we combine our leadership and international growth, with the deep knowledge of Watad Group Enterprises, as a local partner, of the Persian Gulf industry, especially Natural Gas, a market with an enormous potential.

Qatar is the third country with the largest gas reserves in the world, after Russia and Iran. Most of these reserves are located in North Field, an offshore deposit north of Qatar’s own peninsula, and catalyst for an ever-growing market.