LA LÍNEA VERTICAL attended to ANETVA´S 30th anniversary celebration

The National Association of Vertical and Height Work Companies, ANETVA, has celebrated its 30th anniversary with a large event at the Wizink Center in Madrid. LA LÍNEA VERTICAL, a member of the ANETVA´S Board of Directors, took part in this event with the attendance of Carlos Martín Díaz de Espada, CEO and managing partner of our company, as well as Antonio Moreno Ríos, founding partner and human resources coordinator.

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has been a member of ANETVA for over 15 years, as well as a member of its board of directors for more than a decade, being particularly involved in the training committee. Among other things, our company has bet on ANETVA’s training standards as a prerequisite for working in large companies such as Endesa, Cepsa, Repsol, BP or Naturgy. It should be noted the fact that the ANETVA´S accreditation is internationally recognized, and our technicians make use of it for the international work that we carry out abroad.

The National Association of Vertical and Height Work Companies, was founded in 1993 to defend and represent the vertical work industry. The beginnings were not straightforward, since, at that time, there were a lack regulations, equipment or even adequate protection for these vertical activities. There is no need to mention about the weak information regarding training procedures.

ANETVA’s first objective was to raise safety awareness and provide to this sector with at least a regulation. As a result, a legal study of the activity was developed, which became a point of reference in relations with the public administration.

In 1997, as a result of a collective effort, a training manual on rope access techniques was published. At this point, the involvement of important related entities in the activity was achieved. Moving on, around the year 2000, ANETVA had considerably increased its membership, which led to very significant achievements. We can say that due to the company´s efforts and the transposition of the European directive, this activity has managed to achieve a basic regulation and vertical works are now on a par with the rest of the equipment.

The association has led the development of the professionalization of the activity, drafted updates to the first training manual on vertical work techniques, training procedures were drawn up and agreements were signed both in Spain and abroad.

ANETVA consolidated its international role and its representativeness to companies and workers with the creation of the European Rope Access Work Committee (ECRA).

In January 2022, the answer to one of the sector’s historical demands arrived: the National Institute of Professional Qualifications published the Spanish professional qualification in vertical work; this was possible thanks to the work of experts who take part in the ANETVA’s board of directors, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL is an example for this.

From the 1990s to the date, ANETVA’ has gained recognition at an international level and has continued to grow and consolidate its position in the industry. It has become an active and strong organization with over 110 member companies throughout the national and international territory.

The training organization and accredited by the association has not slowed down its growth either. Since 1997, it has accredited more than 5,300 professionals as vertical technicians; the majority of them in LA LÍNEA VERTICAL´S training centers. Our Formal Limitless/LLV Formación center, with headquarters in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz), is approved to provide training courses with the ANETVA-ECRA standards.

ANETVA wanted to share its 30th anniversary with all its associates and relevant people in the vertical work industry over the last three decades, in recognition of their commitment and loyalty to the association. In a way that  during the commemorative event, the President of ANETVA, Íñigo Villaseca, presented awards to the company members that have been involved in the vertical work industry for the last three decades, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL was among them. Awards were also presented to honorary members, as well as a commemorative gift to the sponsors of the event. LA LÍNEA VERTICAL is proud to be part of ANETVA’s board of directors, from where we will continue working for the vertical industry.