LA LÍNEA VERTICAL carries out a complex internal cleaning of silos at a company in Peru

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL began the year 2024 by performing the internal cleaning of two material storage silos at a company with which it had previously worked, demonstrating the trust that customers have in this company thanks to the previously successful results.

The task of internal silo cleaning presents additional complexity due to its execution in confined spaces, bringing with it specific safety and logistical challenges. Additionally, it is carried out using rope access and positioning techniques, which require a high level of skill and knowledge from the workers. Moreover, it is necessary to consider that these tasks are performed in extreme atmospheric conditions, characterized by high temperatures and a significant concentration of pollution, which poses an added difficulty and requires special protective measures to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the process.

Due to the urgency demanded by this type of service, extensive working days are often scheduled, often with double shifts, as required by the client. This demanding work schedule is exacerbated by the stifling environment in which technicians have to operate within the confined space, making frequent rotation of personnel essential to ensure the safety and well-being of the workers. This operational approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and to the efficient and safe execution of its services.