“For me Vertical work is the fastest and safest one”

In a vertical work company –more than in any other company– it is essential that all its equipment is in perfect condition, organized and ready for use. Vehicles, anchors, descenders, ropes, helmets, work chairs … In LA LÍNEA VERTICAL this task has been carried out with precision for two years by David Santiago (La Línea, 1980). “My job is one of the most complex in the company. It consists of doing everything: maintenance in offices, in the warehouse, of the vehicles, since we have a fleet of approximately 30 vehicles, including rescue vans”, he affirms.

“It is necessary to review and prepare the materials and tools of colleagues for different jobs –adds David Santiago–, make inventories and always review it before use, since we could make difficult their work or cause that it cannot be carried out due to not having the material or tools available. At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL we review the quality of all materials, tools and elements”.


“For me it was almost impossible to work at LA LINEA VERTICAL”

David started to work at LA LINEA VERTICAL, he remembers in detail, on October 21, 2019. “My training is a warehouse and logistics operator,” he narrates. I arrived to LA LÍNEA VERTICAL when my job counselor from La Línea City Hall received a job offer with my profile and she sent my resume. The company contacted me for the interview and after passing it among some applicants, I was chosen”.

La Línea Vertical por Dentro: DAVID SANTIAGO / Operario de Logística

Since then, he has been an example, for his dedication and perseverance. “For me it was almost impossible to work at LA LINEA VERTICAL, since it is a company of such importance and scope, and with a highly qualified staff. That they can count on me for each of the projects is a pride”, he says. “I am a warehouse operator,” he says responsibly, and if I do not prepare the necessary materials, tools and elements, and keep them in good condition, such work could not be carried out, which my colleagues carry out throughout Spain and abroad. I reiterate that it is a very complex department in the company and of such importance”.


“From my work I would highlight feeling comfortable and the companionship”

David Santiago is of gypsy ethnicity. “Yes, I think it should be highlighted, because for me it is a pride,” he points out. He is also a benchmark for his professionalism. “From my work I would highlight the feeling comfortable, the companionship, the flexibility on the part of the company, of all my bosses, coordinators and my colleagues, who for me are my second family, since they have given me confidence and stability in my working life”.

From the warehouse, David is also essential in the optimal development of LA LÍNEA VERTICAL projects. “For me, vertical work is the fastest and safest one, and on the part of my colleagues I see that it is a workforce that works very professionally, with a lot of security, which is the most important thing, and with great efficiency. They always successfully overcome obstacles no matter how difficult they may be”. Like David himself, an example.