LA LÍNEA VERTICAL participates in the largest shutdown of Repsol’s industrial complex in Puerto Llano

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has participated in the largest shutdown of the Repsol Industrial Complex in Puerto Llano, which has been developed during the last two months with the objectives of advancing in the technological and digital development of the units of the complex, increasing the reliability and safety of the facilities and accelerating the decarbonization of its processes, reducing CO 2 emissions and improving energy efficiency.

It is also the largest shutdown in the history of LA LÍNEA VERTICAL in terms of hours worked, personnel involved, tasks performed and, consequently, turnover. Our company was the successful bidder of all the bids that were tendered related to work at height.

Specifically, in this shutdown of the Repsol Industrial Complex in Puertollano, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has developed works that have totaled more than 6,000 man-hours with a peak of up to 36 technicians and a turnover of more than 500,000 euros, developing critical tasks, planned and unplanned, in chimneys, flares, industrial rescue, disassembly of reactor plates, NDT’s, support for equipment access, assembly of safety systems, electromechanical work on different equipment and reconstruction of crowns in the MHC chimney.

On this occasion, the rescue team had more staff than usual, as we had two teams operating during the day and another one at night. As for the chimneys, our technicians have carried out a complete inspection both inside and outside three units of the complex, carrying out the necessary repairs; among them, the reconstruction of the upper ducts of the MHC chimney stands out. Inspection and maintenance work was also carried out on the flares.

We also highlight an unplanned 24-hour maintenance task, consisting of the dismantling of plates in MHC reactors and the subsequent support and assistance to metallurgical companies for their assembly.

All this work has been carried out under the direction of Alberto Pérez, coordinator of LA LÍNEA VERTICAL in central-northern Spain, and Alberto Rodríguez, technical sales manager of our company.

As usual, Repsol has congratulated our company for the development of the work in time and form, prioritizing safety in all activities, which have been developed with zero incidents/accidents.