LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERÚ completes the hydroflushing of thirteen fuel storage tanks

After more than a month and a half of work, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERÚ completes the exterior cleaning of thirteen fuel storage tanks by hydro washing. Initially, the service involved only the cleaning of seven tanks, but the scope of the service was extended due to the good performance and results obtained, with up to ten technicians for three weeks.

Our main lines of work are focused on inspection by means of Non Destructive Testing or NDT and on the maintenance of facilities at heights such as chimneys, flares, bridges, mines, boilers, tanks or spheres.

These and other industrial, energetic or civil installations with difficult access are studied and treated by our engineering team. We also assemble lifting systems and metallic platforms at heights. In addition, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERÚ performs safety support work at heights and rescue with our specialized equipment for industrial shutdowns.