LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERÚ replaces 5.000 square metres of roofing at a plant in production in the south of Lima

Since mid-June, a team of ten technicians from LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERU has been replacing more than 5,000 square metres of roofing in the south of Lima, a project that we estimate will last approximately three months.

This work includes the removal of the old roofs, which are in an advanced state of use as they have never been maintained, and the installation of new TR4 enclosures. In addition, more than 400 linear metres of guttering will be replaced.

The project has the challenge of being executed while the plant is in operation, and for this reason two safety controls have been established to prevent falling materials from affecting production. The first is to isolate the work area with curtains installed by means of a pulley system. These curtains will in turn allow the second safety control to be installed, which consists of fireproof blankets installed under the cover being replaced.