LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERÚ works on the implementation of fall protection systems at a CMPC plant

As part of our year-end activities for 2023, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERÚ has been conducting inspections to prepare for the supply and implementation of fall protection systems for the CMPC plant in Los Olivos.

After an exhaustive technical visit to the Tinting and Printing roofs, the need to modify the original design was identified, as these roofs were isolated by vertical walls made of TR4 material and were less than 0.4mm thick. In view of this situation, our engineering team at LA LÍNEA VERTICAL proposed the installation of the 3M RoofSafe horizontal system, anchored directly to the trusses on which the roofs rest.

Thus, for the roofs with a dovecote, two lifelines will be installed on both sides, ensuring that the technicians are constantly connected to the protection system from the highest point. In addition, the provision and installation of three access ladders to the roofs is planned, each equipped with a Fall10 retractable block from Rothoblaas on an extension arm, as an integral part of the fall protection system.

In this way, the project is divided into two defined stages. The first, scheduled to begin in late February, will focus on the initial installation of the cat ladder along with the vertical fall protection lines. The second phase will focus on the installation of the horizontal fall protection lines on the roofs of the Drying, Production, Printing and Dyeing buildings. This strategic approach allows for efficient and orderly execution, first addressing the critical vertical safety needs and then the horizontal needs in specific areas of the infrastructure.

As an integral part of the implementation of the fall protection systems, two specialized training sessions on working at height and industrial rescue have been planned and delivered to maintenance technicians and supervisors. These trainings are designed to equip personnel with the necessary skills to safely and effectively perform tasks at elevated heights, as well as to address emergency and rescue situations in industrial environments.

The inclusion of these training sessions underscores the company’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its team, ensuring that professionals are properly prepared and trained to face the challenges inherent in their work.