LA LÍNEA VERTICAL provided safety accompaniment during maintenance work at a company in Peru

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL provided a safety accompaniment service during maintenance work at a company in Peru that had contracted our services to install fixed lifelines on its roofs.

The client faced an emergency due to a structural problem in the roof of one of the warehouses when it needed to undergo a safety inspection with the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI). To address this situation, they subcontracted a third party for warehouse maintenance. Since these maintenance tasks involved working at height, our company provided safety accompaniment services to ensure that the necessary safety standards were met during the process.

For the safety accompaniment task, an expert in working at heights and a technician certified in IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) were present. This team worked together with the third-party contractor for a period of three days to ensure that all necessary safety measures were implemented and followed correctly during the task.

The safety expert from LA LÍNEA VERTICAL provided guidance and supervision regarding general safety protocols, while the IRATA-certified rope access technician provided specific knowledge about rope access and vertical techniques, thus ensuring a safe and controlled working environment. This collaboration between a risk prevention specialist and a technician with specialized rope access skills was essential to ensuring the safety and success of the task during the three-day accompaniment period.