LA LÍNEA VERTICAL reinforces its commitment to the wellbeing and health of its workers

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has strengthened its commitment to the safety, well-being and health of its workers with the signing by the company’s management of a Health Promotion Policy Statement which includes various initiatives aimed at encouraging and promoting health in a comprehensive manner among its employees.

One of the first measures that has been taken is the creation of a healthy company committee which, according to the company, will analyse indicators to carry out diagnoses; make proposals for actions and programmes to be implemented; encourage the participation of workers; establish monitoring indicators and follow up on progress, as well as propose corrective actions in the event of deviations.

It should be noted that LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has always been concerned about the health of its workers. In fact, it has declared itself an alcohol- and drug-free company from the outset and has already carried out numerous actions within the framework of a management system based on the Healthy Company Model promoted by the WHO. Thus, the recent Health Promotion Policy Statement is a further step in the company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees.

With it, the company aims to carry out healthy measures by promoting people’s responsibility, beyond legal compliance and healthy habits.

In addition, it will provide resources and advisory actions for the promotion of health at work and to obtain greater benefits for workers and society in general, achieving the improvement of individual and collective health. It is also committed to implementing occupational and extra-occupational health programs.

The Management understands that the success of a company rests on the well-being of its employees, and will therefore work to improve the working environment, motivation, participation and commitment of all employees.

At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL we also wish to transfer best practices to the communities with which we interact through initiatives and actions that create synergies between professional and personal life.All the company’s employees are invited to participate and collaborate in the promotion of health at work by sending any opinion, assessment or suggestion because it is convinced that “the best health of our staff is our guarantee of success and sustainability”.