LA LÍNEA VERTICAL will increase staff safety with a Road Mobility Plan

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL is making progress in its commitment to ensure the health and safety of its employees by drawing up a Road Mobility Plan with the collaboration of all employees.

The main objectives of this Road Mobility Plan are to minimise accidents in itinere at work, improve road safety when commuting to work and encourage the use of alternative means of transport (public transport, cycling, car sharing, etc.), as well as contributing to the reduction of pollutant gas emissions and energy consumption.

The Plan will be developed within the scope of social responsibility with the worker and seeking to improve the quality of the company, and is part of the activities committed to in the 2023-24 LLV healthy company programme, which is supported by the Regional Government of Andalusia. For its preparation, an analysis will be carried out of employees’ journeys from their homes to the workplace and vice versa in order to assess the risks and reduce them as far as possible, establishing an optimal rationalisation of journeys and an increase in prevention and safety measures.

For the design and initial implementation of the Road Mobility Plan, the company’s management has had the cooperation of the MPE group, experienced in the development of these plans. The participation of the workers has also been requested by means of a survey on the usual way of travelling, where they can explain the difficulties they encounter every day, as well as sending their ideas and suggestions that contribute to the improvement of our current work travel management.

Due to the location of our clients, distributed throughout Spain (as well as projects in Europe), it is particularly complex to deal with travel in our company. We are faced with two main realities: staff whose jobs have a “stable” location, such as colleagues in the technical and administrative department along with the area coordinators, and on the other hand, operations staff, most of whom move to different locations throughout the year (often even in the same week). Hence the importance of studying possible improvements in management.

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has appointed a mobility manager to coordinate the agents involved in the preparation, monitoring and implementation of the Plan, making available the necessary and sufficient resources required to carry out this work.

In this way, our company hopes to minimise traffic accidents at work and thus increase the safety of our workers, reduce the stress caused by commuting and the costs and impact on the environment environment due to high fuel consumption.