New G8 CAPACITACIONES course on first aid and fire extinguisher handling

At G8 Capacitaciones we take another step forward in our commitment to safety by launching a new first aid and fire extinguisher handling course, specifically designed to meet the highest safety standards.

This course is carefully tailored to the needs of our customers, ensuring that they receive the necessary training to deal with emergency situations with confidence and efficiency.

curso primeros auxilios

For its development, we have a team of experts who not only have a deep knowledge of the subject, but also stand out for their ability to impart their skills in an effective and dynamic way.

We detail the main characteristics of the first aid and fire extinguisher handling course:

Safety standards compliance: the course is aligned with the most recent safety regulations and standards, guaranteeing up-to-date and relevant training.

curso manejo de extintores

Expert trainers: our team of instructors is composed of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the safety and first aid field.

Dynamic and conscious methodology: the lecture is developed in a dynamic way, ensuring that participants are always involved and aware of the importance of safety.
Adaptability to customer needs: we understand that each customer is unique, so the course can be customized to address specific needs and contexts.

curso extincion

At G8 CAPACITACIONES, we always provide training that complies with legal requirements while promoting a culture of safety in the workplace, as is the case of this new course we are launching.

Companies interested in the first aid and fire extinguisher handling course can register and obtain more information by contacting us or visiting our website