New intervention as a rescue team at a refinery shutdown

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has participated in the shutdown recently carried out by one of the most modern and largest refineries in our country, with the intervention of a total of 25 technicians at peak work times.

Specifically, during this shutdown, which lasted 45 days, our company provided support personnel to the Safety Department of the company we worked for and industrial rescue technicians. In addition, we have carried out non-destructive testing activities on pipes and equipment, we have provided emergency support in the dismantling of plates in the distillation towers and, in addition, our specialists have carried out maintenance and inspection work on two large chimneys (more than 100m high).

During the shutdown, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL has met the targets and deadlines indicated by the company for all scheduled tasks and has reacted to meet the targets of the unscheduled urgent tasks quickly and safely.

In this way, we are proud to be able to say that we add this stoppage to the long list of works successfully carried out by LA LÍNEA VERTICAL with zero accidents/incidents, as well as having contributed our grain of sand to the overall 0 accidents at the stoppage. La Línea Vertical, limitless safety.