LA LÍNEA VERTICAL participates with a rescue team in the Repsol stoppage at the Sines Industrial Complex in Portugal

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL is participating during the month of April in the Repsol shutdown at the Sines Industrial Complex in Portugal, with a rescue team that performs preventive technical advice functions and also acts in the event of an accident or incident.

The rescue team from LA LINEA VERTICAL is part of the safety coordination group for the shutdown and it consists of three people, plus an additional support person to be able to take the regulatory breaks. Its mission is to supervise, advise and evaluate high-risk work, especially work at heights and in confined spaces.

Thus, on the basis of a specific risk assessment, our technicians supervise the work considered high-risk and also install equipment for safe access to work at height or in confined spaces; they assemble fall arrest systems, as required; they carry out control and monitoring rounds of the work in the plant; they advise the other companies involved in the shutdown and, if necessary, provide training on safety in work at height and in confined spaces. 

Furthermore, in the event of an accident or incident at height and in confined spaces, they are responsible for carrying out the rescue and taking the injured person to a safe area so that they can be attended to by the medical services. 

It should be noted that this action in Sines represents the return to work in this industrial complex in Portugal following the new award of the Repsol framework contract in Spain and Portugal for all its refineries.