The evacuator, an essential device in courses on Safety for Work at Height and Confined Space Safety

From G8 CAPACITACIONES we want to teach you about a device that is widely used in the world of industrial rescue: the evacuator, which allows us to carry out manoeuvres for ascents and descents in a controlled and very safe way. We use it in our training courses, both for rescue courses and for courses on Safety for Working at Heights and Confined Spaces, among others.

In the wind energy sector, and in general in industry and construction, where work is carried out at heights and in confined spaces, it is vital to have an emergency procedure that allows a worker to be rescued at height, and for this reason G8 Capacitaciones presents this device which, in a simple and intuitive way, allows the majority of rescues that may be required at heights to be resolved favourably.

The use of this tool can help us for our own evacuation (self-rescue) or also for the rescue of a colleague suspended at height, allowing us to raise him slightly to free him from his systems and then lower him to ground level. It is also a system for accessing places that are difficult to reach thanks to its handlebar or steering wheel. In addition, to achieve a higher revolution turn, a wireless drill can be connected to the steering wheel shaft to allow fast and comfortable ascents. It is also important to know that it has brake levers and descent control for greater friction and control, thus achieving a safer manoeuvre.