The vertical fall arrest system for scales Protecta CabLoc of 3M, a safe bet of G8 VERTICAL

G8 VERTICAL we are installers in Chile of the vertical fall arrest system for scales Protecta CabLoc of 3M, one of the most used and installed systems worldwide. This fall arrest system combines robustness and technology to become a highly reliable product at a very affordable price.

As responsible for the prevention of risks in our workplaces, the vertical fall arrest system for CabLoc scales means choosing on insurance, a standardized and certified system whose installation will be carried out by qualified personnel authorized by the manufacturer, who will give a certificate of the correct installation.

In addition, at G8 VERTICAL we periodically carry out in-depth inspections with the issuance of a new certificate of suitability to ensure the useful life of the product and the effectiveness of the installation.

The choice of the appropriate fall arrest system will depend on several factors in each company. In G8 VERTICAL we advise you and recommend the best system depending on several factors, such as the length of the section to be protected, the frequency of use, the location and the configuration of the scale-type structure.


On stairs or any other vertical structure

This safety system is recommended for scales of lengths greater than 6 meters of high or low frequency of use, both indoors and outdoors, even in aggressive environments due to humidity, salinity or exposure to chemical agents.

All its components are stainless (they are available in galvanized steel or stainless steel) and it can be installed in a fixed way on a staircase or any other vertical structure. It has a tension indicator in the lower anchorage that offers a visual indication of a correct tensioning. In addition, it can be installed in structures with up to 15 degrees of inclination with respect to the vertical.

The system has the CE mark and complies with the EN 353-1:2014 standard, with registration in the ISP. It has an unlimited service life as long as it passes the mandatory periodic inspections recommended by the manufacturer.

Cabloc Anchor Device

The trolley or fall arrest sliding device automatically accompanies the user during his ascent and descent, blocking in case of fall. It incorporates an integrated energy absorber that reduces the maximum stopping force in case of falls. It also has an anti-error mechanism that guarantees its correct positioning in the line and a captive carabiner with automatic locking system.