LA LÍNEA VERTICAL continues its sustained international expansion

The prestige and high technical qualification of the workers, together with the development model of LA LÍNEA VERTICAL, it has led to a rapid and sustained international business expansion in the last twenty years, making us trustworthy of new markets.

We are present in Chile and Peru, but in parallel we are immersed in a process of expansion in Germany and Austria, in addition to Romania, a country that has also been among our objectives since more than three years ago we began our Central European expansion.

From LA LÍNEA VERTICAL we have already made official the agreement we have reached with Watad Group Enterprises for the creation of a company in Qatar, called Vertical Line, a joint venture that will provide in the Persian Gulf services of work at height and difficult to access through the application of the most advanced techniques in rope positioning.

We will also strengthen our international presence with another joint venture, in this case the one we are launching with Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification. We want to implement it in Germany and other Central European countries.

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL prosigue su sostenida expansión internacional

Consolidation in Central Europe

At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL we are especially proud of our staff: thanks to their excellence we continue to grow in Central Europe. We are, without a doubt, doing a fantastic job in Germany, which has made us opt for new tenders for the period 2022-2024. Already firmly established in South America, it is Central Europe and the European Union in general our immediate target.

Being the first company authorized in the history of BP, already in 2019, to apply rope positioning techniques in Germany was a great boost to our technical work and the professionalism of our work teams. The Austrian oil company OMV with factories in Germany, Austria, and Romania, approved a first project in September 2020.

All our international teams are always bilingual, being able to communicate in the local language (English, German, Romanian, Portuguese…) thanks to our extraordinarily prepared international staff. We are also benchmarks for the firm commitment to the accreditation of our services and human teams in the certifications with the greatest international presence: ANETVA, GWO and IRATA.

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL prosigue su sostenida expansión internacional

Qatar, a new scenario to continue growing

Our industrial rescue, inspection, and non-destructive testing teams have demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and a high guarantee of safety that has made it possible for LA LÍNEA VERTICAL to be an international benchmark. We are a company that provides a “Limitless Safety”.

This is the path that has taken us to Qatar. In this alliance we combine our leadership and international growth, with the deep knowledge of Watad Group Enterprises, as a local partner, of the Persian Gulf industry, especially Natural Gas, a market with an enormous potential.

Qatar is the third country with the largest gas reserves in the world, after Russia and Iran. Most of these reserves are located in North Field, an offshore deposit north of Qatar’s peninsula, and catalyst for an ever-growing market.