Vertical work, a booming sector

Vertical work has experienced a remarkable boom in recent years, driven by technological advances, stricter safety standards and a growing demand in different fields. This has made it a sector with high employability and demand for qualified professionals.

At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL we are specialists in temporary work at height and in areas of difficult access through the application of the most advanced techniques for working at height by means of rope access and positioning. One of our key strengths is our focus on research and development of new technological applications that improve the safety of processes and people, allowing us to optimize resources and always be at the forefront of this activity.

Nowadays, temporary work at height has become an integral part of many industries, playing a relevant role in the construction, maintenance and repair of essential infrastructures, various installations, etc., due to the fact that vertical work techniques allow access to any area, no matter how difficult it may be, quickly and safely, while complying with the legal requirements for its execution.

Other areas, without being an exhaustive list, in which specialized temporary work at height is currently required, are the installation and maintenance of wind farms (on and off shore), oil platforms, heritage, civil works, photovoltaic panels, urban environment and high voltage power lines, as well as the installation and maintenance of telecommunication antennas, mobile telephone towers, etc. Other scenarios where techniques for access at height are necessary cannot be ignored, such as those used by rescue, emergency and salvage teams, both in urban and natural environments, as they often perform operations at height to save lives and provide assistance in emergency situations.

At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL we offer inspection, maintenance and repair services for large structures in complicated and exposed areas, complying with all the regulations and permits required to carry out this type of work in inaccessible areas.

It must not be forgotten that this type of work is high risk, so strict safety measures must always be followed and complied with in order to prevent falls and accidents.

It is also essential to use quality equipment, devices and specialized material that provide safety and efficiency in the tasks to be performed and, of course, good training and education for the staff. Workers must have specific training to perform this type of work, since knowledge of the techniques, together with the handling of machinery, tools and materials at heights, as well as strict adherence to safety standards, proper planning and supervision of the work, can prevent and avoid most accidents. For this purpose, we have a Training and Research Center for Work at Height Risks, Formal Formación, which has become an international reference, due to its rigor and excellence. At Formal we have courses focused on different industries on the rise, such as the wind, maritime, electrical, etc. sectors.

At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL, occupational health and safety is an aspect to which we give absolute priority; it is not in vain that our company motto is Limitless Safety.

It is expected that, in the coming years, the work at height sector will continue to grow, as the evolution experienced by this activity in recent years confirms it. According to data from the Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Trabajos Verticales y en Altura, (ANETVA), the turnover of its associated companies has experienced a growth in the last five years of approximately 60%, going from 178 million in 2018 to more than 290 million euros in 2023.

The same growth has occurred in terms of professionals who perform rope access work, being approximately 70%, since in 2018 there were 2,300 and in 2023 more than 3,200. These data are limited to ANETVA members, but are a good reflection of the evolution and growth that this activity is having not only nationally, but also internationally.

With all of the above, if we also keep in mind the perspective of the adoption of new technologies, the evolution of equipment, devices, techniques that will improve the efficiency and safety of this type of work, and other measures, there will be new opportunities, so the future of this activity is very promising.