Recertification of fall protection systems

Just as important as having fall protection systems is keeping them certified and maintaining them periodically. For this reason, LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERU, through its Engineering Department, schedules maintenance work and recertification at the beginning of each year with clients to whom it has installed fall protection systems.

These tasks prevent these fall protection systems from losing the necessary certification. During the annual maintenance of the systems, the inspection of their components is carried out, validating that they are operative and fit for use, extending the certification for a further 12 months in accordance with EN793 and EN353-1 standards.

LA LÍNEA VERTICAL PERU offers services, within the area of safety and rescue, design, assembly and regulatory review of all safety systems at height. Our technicians check current installations (lifelines, PPE, fall arrest nets, evacuation equipment). We are approved by the world’s leading manufacturers and our engineers will issue a final report with recommendations and can repair what needs to be improved. We understand this service as a “turnkey” service, which allows our clients to meet their legal obligations without worries.