Safety as the main objective in every job

At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL, we offer inspection, maintenance, and repair services for large structures, height safety, and industrial rescue; all high-risk jobs where we always prioritize safety and occupational health. It is not in vain that the motto of our company is “Limitless Safety.”

One of the strengths of this company is the focus on research and development of new technological applications that improve process and personal safety, allowing us to optimize resources and always stay at the forefront of the industry.

Likewise, we use the best materials on the market and keep an eye on innovations that can increase the quality of the services we provide with maximum safety. Additionally, as the company grows and hires more staff, we increase investment in safety by renewing the equipment we work with. In fact, a few months ago, we acquired new vehicles, a hundred rescue and work suits, as well as complete personal protective equipment for new employees.

Considering that safety and occupational health are the fundamental pillars of our company’s growth, we have developed a series of measures to implement a healthy company model, which has been recognized and certified by OCA Global. This certificate guarantees that the company meets a series of requirements and procedures that make it a workplace where employees and managers collaborate in the implementation of a continuous improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety, and well-being of all personnel, as well as sustainability in the workplace.

Among these measures that have been implemented is the Road Mobility Plan, whose purpose is to minimize workplace commuting accidents, improve road safety in trips to the workplace, promote the use of alternative transportation, and contribute to the reduction of emissions of polluting gases and energy consumption.

Training is another fundamental aspect to achieve our maximum safety goal. The professionals at LA LÍNEA VERTICAL are highly qualified to carry out the work they do, and since 2005 we have had a Training and Research Centre for Working at Heights Risks that has become an international reference, due to its rigor and excellence. Our instructors, engineers, and higher technicians in prevention, deliver theoretical and practical courses in the areas of height safety, confined spaces, rescue, and evacuation. Additionally, we have modern training centres with all the necessary elements to provide specialized training that faithfully simulates industrial reality and the risks present in the workplace.

Our commitment to helping companies meet the highest safety standards has led us to develop in-company training, so that instructors travel to our clients, if requested, with the necessary practice material. Because our goal is always safety without limits for both our employees and our clients.