Successful participation in the G8 CAPACITACIONES 4X4 driving course

G8 CAPACITACIONES offers a wide variety of training courses in different fields related to safety. During the month of October we have carried out several days for the 4×4 DRIVING course, where we have trained more than 150 workers who have shown exceptional commitment and a great desire to learn.

Complete certifications for all attendees

This training activity has been a success and we are proud to announce that each and every participant has achieved full certification in our 4×4 DRIVING course with OTEC G8 Capacitaciones. This shows the dedication they have put in and the hard work they have put in to acquire the necessary skills to face any adversity on the road.

Mastering defensive driving

In addition to the mechanical notions incorporated in the course and the skills acquired in moving over rough terrain with the need for 4×4 activation, emergency braking and more, participants of these courses have gained an in-depth knowledge of defensive driving with our OTEC. This knowledge will enable them not only to enjoy exciting off-road adventures, but also to stay safe and protect others on the road. We can say that we are extremely proud of all our graduates and look forward to seeing how they will apply their skills in their future journeys.

Upcoming courses and opportunities with G8 TRAINING

Due to the success of this course, we plan to hold new editions in the coming months for those who were unable to take the course in October. We will soon announce the dates so that no one misses the opportunity to join the community of 4×4 drivers with OTEC G8 TRAINING.