LLV inside: Jose Ángel Calero García. Coordinator in Tarragona

José Ángel Calero is the coordinator of LA LÍNEA VERTICAL in Tarragona, where he carries out both office and technical work. He is also a non-destructive testing consultant and coordinator of these tests in Puertollano, Cartagena and Tarragona. Sometimes, field work takes him to other provinces, but he does so without leaving his coordination role in Tarragona.

He started working at LA LÍNEA VERTICAL in 2014, looking for the work experience he needed to be able to obtain the ultrasound course certificate, and previously doing the ANETVA rope access and positioning techniques course. And this job, which started out as something transitory, has ended up becoming his livelihood.

He started in the company in Huelva, where he remained for several years, until he began to participate in projects that arose in other provinces. He was one of the first employees of the company to take part in projects in Tarragona, three years ago, and was subsequently appointed coordinator of the company in this province.

An evolution of which he is proud

José Ángel Calero says he feels very proud of his evolution at LA LÍNEA VERTICAL, since he started as an assistant, which is the lowest category, and now occupies a position of responsibility: “I have been growing little by little and I am very proud of getting to where I have reached, which is the highest category in the company after management. It has taken me ten years, but I am happy because I believe that the best way to grow is to do it little by little, because that way you value more what you are achieving”, he says.

He is very grateful for the support he has always found in the company’s management. “At LA LÍNEA VERTICAL, they support you and help you to go as far as your abilities allow you to go. You set your own goals and the company does not limit you, but helps you if you have the initiative and the desire to improve”.

José Ángel Calero considers that he owes a very important part of his professional growth to his family, who have always supported him; and even when he has had to move several months for a job and it has coincided with the summer season, his wife and three children have gone with him “because we can’t be separated for long. When I’m without them for two weeks, I’m not well. We need to be together”.

Safety as a priority

He acknowledges that he is a demanding person at work and always seeks excellence, while remaining very close to his colleagues. He assures that he always does everything in his power to ensure that everyone is well, both personally and in terms of work.

He highlights teamwork as an “extremely important” aspect of the work they do at LA LÍNEA VERTICAL. He believes it is essential for a large-scale project to succeed, and that is something he tries to transmit to his team in Tarragona.

But for José Ángel Calero, safety is above all else; he considers it “a priority”. “I am responsible for the safety of my colleagues and I will not allow malpractice in rope access work to justify production. I am not interested in production if safety is put at risk, because a failure or a fall can cost a serious injury or even life”. For this reason, he states emphatically that “a person who does not comply with safety standards is not suitable for this job”.

He concludes by taking stock of the almost two years he has been in charge of the Tarragona Delegation and shows his satisfaction with the work they are doing there: “We are doing our job well, obtaining economic and quality results”.